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Effective Business Writing & Communication Skills Program

Communication in the corporate environment is a very crucial part of doing business. Business writing in particular, is a very daunting part of being in business for many professionals, especially the younger ones. It is not a skill that anybody is born with and it is certainly not taught in most schools. No wonder many young professionals tend to shy away from it or never really get the knack of it.

At CPPL, we understand that communication, whether written or verbal, makes a difference to the overall atmosphere of the organisation. While well written business documents are essential for professionals to establish their credibility and pass on their ideas, it is also important that verbal communication is professional, respectful and mindful of maintaining an environment in which staff members can thrive.

When information is communicated in writing, the quality of such communication can have a significant impact on business perception, performance and decision making. Hence, effective business writing should be concise, accurate, unambiguous, logical and easily understood.

This program will help delegates to develop the skills necessary for successful business communication and writing – emails, letters, reports or proposals. It will enable participants to confidently tackle business writing by giving them the required techniques for the writing process.

Effective Business Writing & Communication Skills

Junior & middle management staff who interact with other staff, clients and prospects in the course of executing their duties.

Module 1
Effective Business Communication Skills
●   Introduction-The Need for Effective Communication in the Workplace
●   What is Effective Communication
●   Verbal & Non Verbal Communication
●   Effective Speaking
●   Active Listening
●   Modern Methods of Communication

Module 2
Effective Writing For Business/Corporate Environment
●   Steps to Good Business Writing
●   Common Mistakes in Writing
●   Constructing good grammar in Business-Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Spelling
●   Writing Style/Appropriate Language
●   The use of graphs, diagrams, tables and illustrations in Business Writing

Module 3
Writing Business Documents
●   Different types of Business documents-Mem Business documents-Memos, Emails, Letters, Proposals, Reports
●   The ‘How-To’ of Writing Different Business Documents

Module 4
Excellent Presentation Skills For Business
●   Breaking the Fear of Making Presentations
●   Different Types of Presentation
●   Creating & Designing Great Presentations
●   Adequate Preparation For Presentations
Delivering Captivating Presentations
 Participants will be able to

●   Communicate effectively through different media within the Business Environment

●   Write business documents to professional standards

●   Present information in an organised, structured manner to achieve diverse business objectives

●   Use a business-like style and vocabulary, while displaying sensitivity to different levels of reader expertise

●   Express ideas with confidence and clarity, supporting persuasive and logical arguments

●   Appropriately represent the Business through Effective Business Communication and Writing

This can be offered as a general program in which you sign up and attend or can be customised to address any specific business writing and communication skills issues you may have as an organisation.

Hurry visit or call Uche on 01 291 3984 to book your seats. Class admits 25 participants only.

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