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Trade Marketing

CPPL Trade Marketing Proposition – The Battle Is In The Trade.

The market is fast expanding with a growing need for trade marketing support. The rise of the internet and growth of digital has changed and redefined the playing field; customers have become sophisticated with most of them spending more time on digital mobile platforms. Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) is positioned to take advantage of these changes with its unique approach and targeted digital solutions.

Strategic Thrust:

Demonstrate strong subject matter expertise and leverage both local and global partnerships to quickly become a recognized player in Africa within 10 years.

The Key Challenge We Want To Address:

The challenge of facilitating direct consumer contact in ways that are both “Strategic” and “Tactical” to generate regular offtake “off – the – shelf” and to drive market share growth optimally and efficiently. This will be achieved by:

  1. Maintaining close and frequent contact with your channel partners via effective trade marketing, and in building long term strategic partnerships with them. Channel Partners shouldn’t feel suffocated, but they should feel like they are your top priority.
  2. You need to know your Channel Partners and their customers and frequently keep in touch with them and align your brand vision with their retail vision with the final consumer in mind.

Our commitment at CPPL is to support our clients to improve performance, increase sales and make better returns to stakeholders. These we achieve through our people, in depth understanding of insights from the market and the balancing of strategy, creativity and execution.

Our core target groups are medium and large scale companies, corporate institutions and multinationals. Businesses that recognize and want to invest in leveraging channel and franchise / platform partners to create value in a manner that is consistent and sustainable and often require support to:

  • Drive brand penetration of company products and services across channels and locations Pan-Nigeria and Africa
  • Timely deployment of merchandising and product information materials to Point-of-Sale as well as training on product knowledge
  • Conduct brand health checks and policing (Dashboard report – rating of brand awareness, penetration and presence). This will include market intelligence, customer satisfaction tracked across channels.
  • Provide regular reports on channel performance and market intelligence, including what competition is doing within areas of coverage per time and season
  • Handle special express projects and events – trade shows, exhibitions, flier POS distribution, channel branding / rebranding etc.

The CPPL Trade Marketing Solutions:                           

  • We offer strategy driven solutions through five key pillars, they include:

We offer end-to-end services from strategy development, planning, execution and control for each domain recognizing the uniqueness of each client/brand and offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Our Approach To Consulting:

We believe that value can be created in a sustainable manner if we follow a process. Our approach is summarized below:

  1. We will work with you to identify your core needs within the context of the market you operate in, your vision, mission and core values and how you intend to grow your business in a manner that is sustainable.
  2. We will ask deliberate questions to uncover the ‘end value needs’ of your target market and the role your value proposition packages will play in meeting those needs.
  3. Develop a marketing plan that will ensure reach and quality adoption of your valued based solutions for your target audience
  4. Recommend budget and demonstrate how success will be tracked, evaluated and monitored.

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