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Premium Gifts

CPPL Premium Gifts focuses on premium items that are made with strict adherence to quality standards while meeting clients’ budget and achieving advertising objectives. Our promotional merchandise consists of innovative and carefully finished products that are highly effective for brand activation and advertising.

We are prompt with our service delivery as we understand the need to ensure you get to market on time and ahead of competition.

We are positioned to spearhead performance led value creation consulting in the markets we operate in. We are youthful, vibrant, trendy and innovative in our approach to solving problems. We believe value is the putting together of the appropriate combination of quality, service, and price (QSP). At the end of the day, we want you, our esteemed customer, to be persuaded that you have received value.

Our solutions deliver value through balancing of strategy, creativity and excellent execution. We deliver consistently through our people, in depth understanding of insights from the market and targeted digital solutions.

…creating value through customer insights