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Love So Amazing – Dove Eyes Valentine Dinner

As Nigerians, we all believe strongly in the marriage institution. No matter the tribe or religion, we celebrate it with loads of fanfare. We never deny ourselves the opportunity to celebrate as loud as we can every time a couple gets married.

However, as glorious as our wedding ceremonies are, we find that lots of these marriages don’t survive the test of time. Our divorce rates are rising across board. If the marriage decline was a business or economy related decline, people would have been asking why. There would have been lots of research and commentaries on the matter. People would have come up with theories and preferred solutions, but that is not the case here. We have an ‘another one bites the dust’ attitude and just move on to the next wedding ceremony.

On Dove Eyes, we are concerned. We talk about the issues. We have done some research. We try to understand the issues. We counsel people before and after marriage. We comfort those who fail at it and help them pick life up again.  Marriage matters to us.
In our findings, we discover that life happens to marriages. It is not always the big things. Sometimes, life just happens. Couples drift apart simply attempting to hold life together. So we came up with this program, the Dove Eyes Valentine Dinner for couples, intending and married couples.  The idea is to create a distraction from life and give couples the platform to reconnect with each other again. An evening of some romantic magic to just excuse them from the humdrum of life.

It will be a romantic evening of fun and laughter, enabling couples to reconnect, rekindle their fire, and recommit to one another. Beautiful music, comedy, counsel, videos, beautiful stories of love and faith in marriage as well as Question & Answer sessions. An evening of escape for all the couples who are able to come, all for N50,000 per couple – a great investment into a marriage or relationship. 

If marriage is precious then we must continually invest in it. This investment will yield in oneness of mind and purpose, joy, rekindled affection, a better sex life, renewed commitment and so much more, all unquantifiable benefits that will ensure you excel in other areas of life that also matter to you – career, business etc. 

This would make a perfect gift for couples who just want to rekindle the fire in their marriage or couples that are struggling in marriage. Older couples can give younger couples a treat by buying them tickets to attend. Parents can give their married children a treat as well. Of course couples who treasure their relationships should plan to come as well. 

Our media partners for this program is City FM 105.1. We are still open to sponsorships. We believe it is a great platform to present family focused brands. For sponsorship considerations or to book you place please call 08032012458.  

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