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Double Sales & Grow Profit

Businesses must keep pushing for the next level. We all know that, but times are hard and the economy is slow. That means more is required. It cannot be business as usual.

Business owners and their staff must have the required skills to function in times like these.

Are we just producing fliers and calling it Marketing. Or are our sales men and women just trudging the streets everyday trying to sell and being rejected.

What of our customers, how are they responding to our Business? Are they really satisfied or are they looking for the next alternative? Is it possible for us to satisfy them by meeting deadlines, staying within budget and giving them exactly what they asked for? It all sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? After all this is Nigeria, nobody really expects that much. That is where we miss it. We take things for granted. We don’t equip ourselves with the skills required to get results yet we say times are hard.

Tough times require top notch game. Not business as usual.

At Customer Passion Point Limited, we are committed to equipping participants for exceptional delivery. The CPPL Effective Business Development Skills Training Program is designed to enable participants understand what it takes to make profit again and again.

How do we do that?

We help business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals understand that Marketing is not just about fliers, it takes understanding the market, the customers and competition, before deciding how to reach out. It involves developing a simple, workable marketing plan. It involves perfect execution and monitoring of the plan to ensure the products and services are positioned before the people who will buy them-a lot of work.

Some people call sales people marketers and that already spoils the process. Effective selling requires more than just hitting the streets. We must know that there is a difference between features and benefits. There is a selling process that will give better results. There is a psyche sales people must have to stay in the game.

Customers must feel appreciated. They must feel they are getting value for money. They must feel we appreciate their patronage. If you do a survey of most Nigerian businesses, their customers are not really impressed. It is one complaint or the other. The products or services they bought did not meet expectation. Or it took too long to deliver. Or it cost more to deliver.

We must look inwards and assess what is really plaguing our businesses. That is what this program is about, enabling participants to look inward to the manner the business operates and make necessary adjustments to get back on track.

Who will benefit from this program?

Business owners,  Business Development Professionals, Sales  and Marketing people, Account Managers, customer service people and customer facing teams. For more details on the program, click on

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