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CPPL Training Programs

CPPL Training Programs focus on the development of the individual and teams through a range of strategic activities that aim to achieve current business goals, meet future challenges and build capacity for growth. We provide a holistic model for capability development which supports a workforce to respond quickly, effectively and innovatively to customer needs in constantly changing business environments.

Our training programs’ designs inculcate current learning and development trends and best practices and we offer traditional and online programs on and offsite. The idea is to customize our programs to meet specific client needs. We work closely with clients to determine their employees’ training needs. Then we develop and facilitate training programs for the cadre of staff.

We have a brilliant faculty of experienced professionals with decent track records in career and business development. Visit www for a list of our core facilitators.
We follow this simple training and development process to ensure that we deliver value consistently.

Our training programs are offer both as ‘Open Programs’ where you can sign up and attend any of the advertised programs or can be ‘Customized’ and offered on site for interested clients. We are flexible in the way we delivery our solutions.
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