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Customer Passion Point Limited is a Value Creation Consultancy firm registered and operated in Lagos Nigeria and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. We solve our clients’ challenges using a combination of inspiring thought leadership, unique, replicable tools & approaches as well as highly experienced & motivated people. We are committed to building capacity and enabling growing businesses understand and leverage the passion points of their customers hence creating value. We specialize in providing solutions to different challenges facing businesses via these four key areas:

– Value Creation Consulting

– Training and Development

– Creation and Marketing of Brand Assets & VAS

– CPP Social Marketing

To address the need for improving personal working capacity as well as enhancing productivity, effectiveness and efficiency for employees, CPPL offers Trainings Packages designed to improve overall business performance. They also boost the organization’s ability to maximize the opportunities within today’s very competitive and volatile business terrain.

We recognise that the investment in training requires that organisations get almost immediate returns as their employees come back to work. Our packages empower them to go back to work with immediate solutions they can apply to their jobs for higher performance. Enhanced innovation, change in behaviour for better practices, and improved employee effectiveness are the returns organisations get from our training packages. Our packages can be evaluated on a ‘before and after’ basis.

We have training modules in different business areas. They include

  • Business Executive Academy Master Class
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Self Motivation & Empowerment
  • Management Trainee Induction
  • Team Building
  • Business Report Writing
  • Project Management
  • Wellness and Health
  • Safety


The approach adopted for all the training packages will include a combination of presentations and discussions; role plays and hands-on group exercises. The setting will be very informal to encourage interaction and active participation. However, particular attention will be paid to all participants throughout the training in order to determine, the extent to which they are following the training.

The venue, class size and cost are negotiable depending on client preferences, locations and budgets.

For each training, except otherwise agreed, we will provide

  • 2 Tea breaks
  • A buffet lunch
  • Modern Training facilities
  • Presentations
  • Photographs
  • Certificates of attendance

To ensure organizations get value for money we go the extra mile.

  • We believe that repetition is the key to learning. On completion of any of our packages, we will start an online re-enforcement program with all trainees to ensure that they are constantly in touch with the training we gave them by sending them bi weekly emails. They also have access to us to ask any questions they need answered.
  • We will make bi weekly calls for 1 month after the training to encourage adaptation to newly acquired skills
  • Also, we will start a relationship with the trainees’ immediate bosses to ensure their performance has improved after the training. They will be asked to fill out monthly assessment forms for 6 months after the training to ascertain the impact of the training on the trainees’ performance.
  • Lastly, where there is a lapse in performance after the training, we will have personal counselling sessions with the trainees at no extra cost to re-enforce our earlier training. This enables us to find out what the real issues hindering them are.
  • We can also create custom made sessions to meet specific needs in any organisation


In partnership with Business Executives Academy, Nigeria-affiliated with University of London, we offer the following 3 Day Training Session.

Business Executive Academy Master Class

The BEA Master Class is designed to provide practical experiential learning and competencies required to cope with the ever changing business landscape. It is targeted at management staff of companies in the Structured and Semi structured sectors of the economy.

Course Structure

This program consists of different modules taught over 3 Days. The modules include:

  • Basic Accounting/ Finance Module
  • Risk Assessment Module
  • Team Building Module
  • Sales and Marketing Module
  • Business Performance Module
  • The Balance Scorecard and how to use it in enhancing business performance


  • Attention will focus on creating a plan of action for participants to take back to their organizations.
  • Participants will be able to apply key management principles and techniques upon their return to the workplace resulting in better planning, better performance measurement and better service delivery.
  • Our workshops are deliberately small, typically around (10 delegates per workshop), to maximize personal learning and impact.
  • Very interactive class sessions
  • Opportunity to network.

Proposed Attendees

Management Staff of Organizations- Manager, Assistant Managers, Deputy Managers

CPPL also offers one day training packages which address specific areas crucial to performance as well as enhancement of the organization’s ability to maximize the opportunities within today’s very competitive and volatile business terrain. These include Marketing & Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Team Building, Self Motivation & Empowerment, Management Trainee Induction, Team Building, and Business Report Writing


Marketing is the engine of every business. Without it, organizations are unable to harness the opportunities within the market place. This module is designed to sharpen skills that enable the organization understand its Marketing needs, develop and communicate Value Propositions to address those needs, put together plans to resolve them, as well as execute those plans within an acceptable time frame.

Course Structure

  • The Fundamentals of Marketing
  • The Marketing Planning Process
  • Brand Building
  • ROI on Marketing Initiatives
  • The Fundamentals of Marketing Research
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

These topics will help to strengthen the Marketing orientation to enhance the bottom line.


  • Acquire the basic marketing skills, tools and techniques to identify, evaluate and solve marketing problems
  • Understand the components that make up compelling marketing plans that succeed in capturing customer value within a competitive environment
  • Discover creative ways to apply marketing principles and practices to compete successfully in today’s business environment
  • Understand the “why’s” behind basic marketing practices
  • Begin to think like a world-class marketer

Proposed Attendees

  • Newly appointed Marketers
  • Product, Brand and Advertising managers
  • Business professionals and executives who need to understand the importance of marketing’s and its role in generating profits


Building a formidable Sales Force is key to the success of any business, especially in these very competitive and declining business environments. The Sales Team, being the face of the business, needs to know the fundamentals, believe in them, put them to work, customize them to products or services, innovate to combat change and keep practicing. They must be well perceived, equipped as well as informed to deliver on business objectives. This module is put together with the aim of giving the required skills to succeed as Sales people.

 Course Structure

  • The Winning Mindset
  • Vital Traits of a Successful Salesperson
  • The Selling Cycle
  • The Different Types of Selling
  • Goal Setting
  • Sales Presentations that Never Fail
  • Networking Skills for Sales People
  • Negotiation Skills


  • Building more confident and self respecting sales force
  • Increased sales turnover-achieving and surpassing targets.
  • Maximizing sales opportunities.
  • Becoming more dynamic and motivated
  • Unleashing personal strengths to the maximum
  • Developing a Sales force that s better equipped to fight for more space n the market place

Proposed Attendees

  • A new sales team, beginners in sales.
  • An existing but mediocre-performing sales team, middle management sales executives up to the level of Sales Managers.
  • Sales managers, dealing with more challenging objectives and new targets
  • A sales team dealing with new or challenging turns in their environment- new competition, losing customers, down times in the market etc


 Today’s highly competitive and volatile marketplace requires high-energy leaders to develop strong, resilient teams who can translate their strengths into competitive advantage. It is the CPPL belief that all team members should have leadership attitude to excel. This course is tailored to an organization’s overall leadership needs and will aim to equipping staff with leadership skills that will help them to respond to the demands of the marketplace adequately.

Course Structure

  • Defining Principles of Leadership
  • The Five levels of Leadership
  • Getting Priorities Right for Greater Productivity
  • Developing Integrity as a Key Ingredient of Leadership
  • Developing Extraordinary Leadership: the Excellence Principle
  • Team Building, Commitment and Excellence
  • Improving People Skills
  • Performing in Difficult and Challenging Circumstances


The organization will have leaders as well as teams that

  • Are able to adapt leadership theories to everyday workplace environment
  • Understand the importance of open communication and relationship building, connecting with team-members and peers, earning trust, respect and leading by example.
  • Understand the importance of matching organizational goals with those of team members.
  • Know how to direct team-members towards empowerment, delegation, motivation and lead team to deliver results as per team goals.
  • Know how to build team spirit and a positive work environment while managing / eliminating confrontation /conflicts amongst the team.
  • Understand the need for constant personal development contributing to humility, effectiveness, integrity and maintaining work-life balance.

Proposed Attendees

  • Managers who are in the early years of a leadership position.
  • First time managers – individuals who have now become accountable for the collective performance of their team members.
  • Selected individuals identified as an engaged, motivated talent base.
  • Emerging leaders who need to be moved up to increased levels of responsibility or to build leadership bench strength and a strong leadership pipeline.


Present day realities of increased customer power, competition and product development all in global economic recession, present the need to reach the customer in more endearing and engaging ways. Each customer touch point should be memorable. Bearing this in mind, this program is designed to give an organization’s Customer Facing Staff the skills required to delight customers so much so that they become advocates. For an organization to excel, customers must be satisfied beyond their expectations. They then become advocates.

Course Structure

  • Understanding your products and services
  • Understanding customer needs and expectations
  • Communication skills for customer service
  • Developing a Customer Friendly Personality
  • Managing difficult/dissatisfied customers or pressure periods
  • Building and satisfying customer expectation
  • Turning customer complaints into a goldmine


The CPPL Excellent Customer Service packages will ensure that attendees are able to

  • Convert complaints into opportunities
  • Deliver consistent customer experience
  • Understand and manage customer expectation better
  • Live your brand values in a tangible way
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Build stronger brand affinity.

 Proposed Attendees

All customer facing staff- Customer Service, Sales


 “The delivery of business outcomes is realized through the success of projects, and in essence that project management strategies drive organisational success” says Adrian Mcknight, PMP Program Director at Suncorp-Metway Ltd , a financial services firm in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It becomes absolutely essential for organisations to equip their staff with Project Management skills that ensure they are able to deliver results promptly and cost effectively using available resources.

Course Structure

  • The importance of Project Management
  • The Project Management Planning Process
  • Critical Success Factors of project Management
  • Skill required by a Project Manager
  • The Project Management Triangle
  • The Gantt Chart


  • Attendees will manage costs and time lines for deliverables better
  • Delighted customers because projects are executed professionally
  • Increases overall efficient use of organization resources

Proposed Attendees

  • Project Managers
  • Heads of Department
  • Management staff
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs



This package is geared at enhancing and grooming staff outer and inner self to bring about a positive mindset and attitude to life in general and work in particular. Each individual has a distinct personality that can be developed, polished and refined to become more productive and effective in the workplace. This package equips workers with personal soft skills that make them add more value to their organization’s bottom line. These skills will complement employees’ core hard skills to help them deliver at higher and more efficient levels.

Course Structure

  • The Characteristics of a Healthy Personality
  • The Leader who has no title
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Qualities of a Team Player
  • Communication & Presentation Skills


This training transforms staff into a highly self motivated, goal driven and productive workforce.

 Proposed Attendees

All staff


For new staff, there is always the need to help them adapt to the culture and expectations of their new employers. They could be fresh from school or from other organizations.

This training prepares them to mould themselves in the new corporate culture and ensures that their performance doesn’t get derailed due to not understanding the organizational behavioural requirements and the importance of being able to give results in different environments. After the training, the attendees, which are all new staff at different levels, emerge confident and equipped to handle the new responsibilities and are able to settle in quickly and happily into an effective and productive role.

Course Structure

  • Review of organization’s core products, services, milestones, brand value. Goals, mission and vision
  • Adhering to quality practices, value systems, ethics and culture
  • Role Clarification
  • Importance of working in a team
  • Performance related expectations
  • Etiquette in communication and behaviour
  • Goal Setting &Time Management

The training sessions are customized bearing in mind the background and culture of organisation to facilitate easy transition for the new staff.

 Proposed Attendees

All new staff


Business report writing is a very daunting part of being in business for many professionals, especially young professionals. It is not a skill that anybody is born with and for many people it is not taught in school. No wonder many young professionals tend to shy away from it or never really get the knack of it.

At CPPL we understand that well written business reports are essential for professionals to establish their credibility and pass on their ideas. This module will enable participants to confidently tackle report-writing by giving them the required techniques to take the pain out of the writing process. We have separated report-writing into the different and important sections, so that we can take them one-by-one.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Effective Report writing
  • Layout and Writing of Reports
  • Common Mistakes in Report Writing
  • The use of graphs, diagrams, tables and illustrations in Report Writing
  • Exercises in Report Writing

These topics will ensure that young professionals are able to plan, research and structure their reports effectively.


The CPPL Business Report Writing Module will enable participants write reports which

  • state report objectives clearly
  • identify and plan a clear report structure
  • Give relevant information to stakeholders
  • Are readable and interesting yet not too long
  • Are written in good grammar and punctuations
  • Are able to solicit the desired response from readers

Proposed Attendees

This course is for anyone who needs to write professional business reports in a way that convinces and impresses their readers.


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