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Do you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as commercial awareness and the ability to think strategically, this marketing role at Marketing at Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) ould be yours.
Kindly send in your CV via now or on or before close of business on Tuesday 8th January, 2019.
Key Role:
You’ll contribute to and develop integrated marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea for brand CPPL and her clients.
As a marketing executive, you’ll need to:

Drive the process that will create awareness for CPPL and the brands we promote
Communicate with target audiences, build and develop customer relationships
Participate in the development of marketing plans, advertising, direct marketing and campaigns for CPPL and her clients
Drive the execution of agreed marketing activities and ensure morning and proper evaluation
Work closely with in-house or external creative agencies to design marketing materials such as brochures and adverts
Write and proofread marketing copy for…


CPPL Enabling The Beauty Services Sector

In Nigeria, there are no figures to the failure rates of businesses in the Beauty services sector. It is not uncommon for women to get their hair done in a certain salon and after a few years, it has packed up, and they are looking for the next one.
The business owner just moves on with loads of nightmarish experiences to share. What are the culprits of business failure in this sector?

Huge power costs. Most beauty salons start out knowing they have to take care of power supply considering how crucial this is to their businesses. But how many of these businesses can sustainably provide power and still make profit? Very few.
Very high staff turnover. After power, this is a very difficult one to crack. It requires real understanding of leadership to manage the crop of people who actually work in this sector. Most of them do not have good…


CPPL Facilitates Women Empowerment

Statistics, according to Bloomberg, show that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. What does Mama Boys who sells provisions outside her house know about running her business? She just tries to keep it alive. When things go bad, she goes to someone who can salvage the situation who bails her out and life continues until the next business cycle breaks.
So when the Lagos State government through the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund in collaboration with Coca Cola Nigeria decide to empower 1000 of this category of women, Customer Passion Point Limited came on board as the training consultant to facilitate the learning sessions for them.

Chinwe Kalu, lead facilitator for this project, had a lot to say. ‘We know the business failure statistics. So it was clear to all stakeholders that basic information for running a business was critical to the success…


2018, A Pregnant Year

A New Year tends to give people in all spheres of life some kind of anchor for new expectations. It gives people the ability to let go of one thing to embrace another.
As 2017 ended, I paid attention to peoples comments and thoughts and my general take is, we all had a difficult 2017 and are willing to let it go to embrace 2018.
So 2018, especially for those of us in business, is indeed a pregnant year. It holds so many expectations, the biggest of which is that it must make up for the difficulties of 2017.
So I listened to Financial Guru, Bismark Rewane as he gave us the economic statistics on the Nigerian economy and he really confirms that 2018 is pregnant. The good thing about a pregnancy is that it is supposed to end well with a mother bringing forth the baby, all parties being alive and…


CPPL In Retrospect, 2017 – Chinwe Kalu

The year is almost over with just a few days to go. Most organizations have shut down for the year, officially or unofficially. Work is just to maintain for the rest of the year. We are all looking forward to a better 2018.
I believe that 2018 can only be better if we are able to closely assess 2017-the highs, the lows, the wins, the losses. What did we do right? What could we have learnt from the events of the year? Were we able to maximise our opportunities and minimise the threats?
I look back and deep in my heart, I am glad, we are closing in on the year. I need to walk away and keep my gaze ahead, not allowing the challenges of the year colour my vision for 2018.
There were forces way beyond my control. National economic forces which were not favourable at all. There were diminishing budgets…


Service Excellence Part 3 – Chinwe Kalu

Service excellence takes customer service a notch higher. It really is about the customer and his journey with our businesses. Service excellence ensures the entire journey is designed to make the experience pleasurable and memorable, giving him good reason to return for more, and even bring his FRANs (friends, relatives, associates and neighbours) along. I asked myself what type of experience would guarantee this level of pleasure.
1.   Excellent delivery of the service or performance of the product as promised. So I come into your barber shop to get a hair-cut. I would really want a good hair-cut. I want everything around the experience of cutting my hair to be done excellently. Now, I would appreciate it being in an air conditioned room, soft jazz music or good football match, but I want my hair well cut. If the shop has all the trimmings and the blade of the shaving kit…


Service Excellence Part 2 – Chinwe Kalu

One very important thread that must run through every business DNA is the understanding of who the customer really is. When I ask the question in any of my classes, who is a customer, the answer I get, most of the time equates the customer with the purchases they make. They come to buy a product or service and pay for it. However, a customer is much more than all that.
In a service excellence environment, the a customer is thought of and treated like the most important person to the organization. In such an environment, it is clearly understood that the business is dependent on the customer for survival and not the other way round. In our environment, we tend to forget that.
In such environments, the customer is not an interruption to work, he is the purpose of it. He is the reason staff wake up every morning to…


Customer Excellence Part 1

Taking customer service to the level of service excellence places a huge demand on organizations. At this level of service delivery, we are talking about exceeding customer expectations. Organisations would need to go beyond meeting customer needs to actually anticipating those needs. By virtue of customer interactions, organisations should be able to predict and anticipate needs ahead of customers actually expressing them. Organizations are constantly required to exceed their own games.
While company polices may be for the interest of the company, many times they frustrate service to the customer. When we say service excellence, we expect out of the box thinking that enables some level of flexibility that guarantees the customer is delighted not just satisfied.  To the extent that customers experience organizations at this level, the response would be absolute loyalty borne out of sheer delight. Customers will begin to speak for you.
Where are you on the spectrum between…


CPPL, Equipping Small Business Owners / Entrepreneur With Right Business Skills

November 22nd, Lagos – Nigeria: Many small business owners/Entrepreneurs do not have the full capacity and skills to run an effective and sustainable business in the 21st century. It is in this regard that, Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL), the industry leader in value creation, put together a cost effective training program designed to equip small business owners/entrepreneurs to develop cutting-edge strategies that will enable them to penetrate the market place in 2018 and beyond.
The training program tagged “Equipping Small Business Owners for Effective Market Penetration” will help small business owners/entrepreneurs to develop the skills necessary for successful business growth and profitability as well as enable them to confidently tackle business challenges in the market place.
Equipping Small Business Owners for Effective Market Penetration training is a one program designed to kick off on the 12th of January, 2018 at the Mosesola House, 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja. This training program…


Business Strategies For Growth & Profitability – October Edition is Here

In recent times, business turn-out and revenue has reduced drastically, so many businesses are closing down and the rate at which that is happening is on the increase daily. There are so many factors that churn out bad business outcome, and the economy crisis is also part of it.
Businesses are now thriving based on survival of the fittest and you definitely won’t be among the survivors if you’re not getting the latest information that will help scale your business.
The trends are changing and are doing so fast, if you can’t meet up, you’ll be kicked out! That is why Customer Passion Point Ltd. is putting up an executive practical approach on strategies that should be adopted for the growth and profitability of your business.
You don’t get to see such rich content as this always.
Goals of the program:
To understand the rudiments of marketing and the marketing planning process so that participants…