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We Are Working Remotely

Dear Partners/Clients
With the announcement of a complete lockdown of Lagos, our team will continue to work remotely to support you through this challenging period.
We believe that a lot can be achieved during this period that would enable your organization and teams recover promptly and position you for growth in your industry after COVID-19.

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Customer Passion Point Ltd (CPPL) Corporate Profile

We are adequately equipped to support you while we work remotely. Let’s brainstorm and review the exciting data you have on your consumers and products and work together to deliver insights that would unlock opportunities for you.
We create value through consumer insights. Call or whatsapp on 0701 196 2027 or send a mail to for enquiries.


Five Simple Tips For Working from Home Effectively

Here are few tips to help us remain effective and efficient while we work from home.
1. Get dressed for work. Of course I don’t mean, wearing your normal jacket. Get yourself into the work mode. Resist the temptation to work in your pyjamas or night wear. Your mind wakes up to work when it goes through that process.
2. Create a workspace. If you have a room you can use, that would be great. When you start work, everyone knows you are at work.
3. Get yourself enough data to work remotely. You can receive and send mails. You can have meetings online. You can make transactions online. You must be reachable by colleagues and clients.
4. Resist the temptation to eat at will. There is something about informal work spaces that makes people eat more.
5. Work within your normal work hours. Giving and taking that the time used to commute put…


Time To Look Inward For Uncommon Insights For Growth & Profitability – CPPL

Dear Friends & Partners,
How have you been?
We thought to stay in touch with you, to encourage you to stay safe and focused because this period will pass like the other situations we have been through.
A lot is going on. People are afraid and worried about a lot of things, and although that is understanble, it should not be the only perspective. Another perspective is that we can leverage this dark period to uncover hidden insights and creativity within us and our businesses. This period affords us the opportunity to appraise / audit our business strategies, competencies as well as skills and work out appropriate interventions so we can be better positioned to improve our competitiveness in the marketplace.
This could also be a good time to make those changes in our business model that we have procastinated. Hardship can be an opportunity to reflect and restrategise. Let us take advantage…


Let’s Create Stakeholder Value Together – Chinwe Kalu, CEO.

Customer Passion Point Limited, is a firm of Value Creation Consultants. We provide Marketing and Training solutions for small, medium and large corporations. We have been in active business for about five (5) years and have served forward looking businesses and entrepreneurs within that period. Kindly click on for some case studies we think you might find interesting.
Our Marketing solutions consist of Marketing Consulting and Marketing Services. We provide consultancy for small and medium companies and basically manage their marketing end to end. We work with them to develop their brand strategy, marketing plans, launch programs and capabilities development. Our Marketing Services are for large corporations like yours. These include brand activations, advertising (traditional and digital), customer experience management, research, trade marketing solutions and design / supplies of corporate gift items. We produced some of the t/shirts for Access Bank in the just concluded Lagos City Marathon and…


CPPL Training Programs For March, 2020

We are pleased to announce the two very strategic training programs we shall be holding this month of March, 2020. The choice of these programs is influenced by the feedback we got from our clients and CPPL Training Alumni.
1. Value Creation and Digital Marketing Master Class (

2. Effective Business Development Skills Training Program (

Our faculty consist of very decent professionals with proven track records of success in their different areas of specialization. Read more here
CPPL Training Programs is the training and capabilities development arm of the business. We focus on the development of the individual and teams through a range of strategic activities that aim to achieve current business goals, meet future challenges and build capacity for growth. We provide a holistic model for capability development which supports a workforce to respond quickly, effectively and innovatively to customer needs in constantly changing business environments
Call or Whatsapp on +234…




The Nigerian immigrant community in the UK is a
thriving one. “According to statistics obtained from the Central Association of
Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK), it is estimated that about two million
Nigerians currently live in the UK and a sizable number of them, live in
London. Their main abode is Peckham, a lively community in north London”.

One of the major concerns for these Nigerian
immigrants in the UK is the desire to inculcate Nigerian values into their
children along with the Western values. Such values as respect for elders,
strong family loyalty, concern for others, social decorum, hospitality and
patriotism expressed through language, dance and art are important to them.

Another source of concern is the security of their
teenagers in secondary school. Statistics show that the lives of young people
between the ages of 12 and 17 is becoming very insecure in the UK. According to, 14th,
April 2018, “Within the first four…


Effective Business Writing & Communication, Our Story – Chinwe Kalu

I totally agree with Thomas Jefferson when he says, “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do”, especially in the business environment. I also think Peter Drucker is spot on when he says, “As soon as you move one step from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or written word”.
I see it happen every day in the corporate space. The young man or woman, who communicates well, is able to speak up, present ideas, proffer solutions, and get the accolades. They may not necessarily be the best executors, but they get heard, they are understood, they put their ideas across. They simply communicate effectively. This buttresses the fact that one of the hallmarks of effective leadership is the ability to communicate effectively.
It is not uncommon to hear older colleagues complain about the…


You Need A Management Retreat To Accelerate Your Business.

What’s on your mind as the year gradually draws to an end? What does 2020 hold for us in the business world? How is 2020 looking to you? What do you really want from 2020? In Nigeria, as tough as it is, there is still so much that is possible for your business. The question is, how do you want to position yourself and business to convert the possibilities around you into value?
That is what business retreats are wired to deliver. First, there is the need to have a good review of the activities of 2019. What did you do right and what was not so good? The idea is to challenge the team to come up with workable innovative ideas, to excel in 2020.
When we think of retreats, people usually imagine, long, arduous hours with loads of documents and boring presentations. It used to be that very expensive…


CPPL Monthly Training Programs

We are glad to announce the November edition of CPPL Monthly Training Programs themed ‘Effective Business Development Skills Training Program’.
Once again, we want to equip our participants with skills that would enable them excel in the market place.
This time around, we will focus on Digital Marketing Skills along with Selling Skills, Customer Service/Management Skills and Self Master/Personal Effectiveness for excelling in the work place. We believe that these skills are critical to enable businesses effectively position their products and services in a manner that ensures uptake, adoption and continued patronage and loyalty from their target audience. It is a combination of these skills that guarantee success.
Who are we targeting?
Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Development professionals, Marketing/Sales/Customer Service professionals, Account Managers and Client Service officers-in other words any person concerned with customer identification, attraction, management or retention would find this program most useful.
The Nigerian business terrain is challenging, highly competitive and…


CPPL Monthly Seminar for Entrepreneurs / Business Owners Holds Last Friday of Every Month.

CPPL Monthly Seminar for Entrepreneurs / Business Owners. The Program will hold on the last Friday of every month. The focus is to provide small business owners/entrepreneurs with the basic skills they require to develop and grow their businesses. Its about developing the individual and teams through a range of strategic activities that aim to achieve current business goals, meet future challenges and build capacity for growth.
This program is designed to equip you with the skills you require to enable you create a strong brand by effectively positioning your products and services in the market place. You will be able to create a clear picture of what you want to achieve in business. You will learn how to position your products/services in the market place so that your desired target audience can find and buy them. This includes the Digital Space which now provides so much opportunity for your…