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Brand Asset / VAS Marketing

The CPPL team has been a part of design, marketing and implementation of exciting Brand Assets and Value Added Services (for telecoms). We will partner with both local and international entertainment and mobile organisations to provide our clientsí customers access to assets they are passionate about. We will work with clients to leverage them appropriately to optimize their spend.

  • Brand Assets (Concerts, awards, media properties)
  • VAS (voice, data, devices and convergences).

We will focus on the passion points of the customer and develop / propose properties (Brand Assets and VAS) that you can leverage to foster strategic engagement with your customers.

Recently we were appointed by Vasonomics Mobi to consult and market their products and services being provided on MTN Nigeria. This entails an end to end support comprising of strategy development, brand development / branding, advertising development and implementation, PR and reputation management etc.

Vasonomics is one of the leading support service ICT and mobile telecommunications company, partnering with frontline telecommunications companies to offer its customers uniquely exclusive products and services with ease and convenience. They are one of the key players in the telecoms industry in Nigeria and across Africa.

It has recently launched 23 exciting services on MTN Network and wants to create awareness and drive massive adoption of its services. Same products have been launched on GLO, Airtel and Etisalat Networks and they are doing great. This is an indication of how great and exciting the contents launched are. We have good products and require great campaigns to drive adoption. Product and service range include:

·         Bulk SMS

·         Bulk voice calls

·         Voice-based-applications

·         USSD and Telephone applications services

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See below for a list of some of the exciting mobile solutions they have developed to enhance your personal and business ambition.


Brand Asset / VAS Marketing We will work with you to identify brand assets you can associate with to grow your brand equity and drive adoption of your products.

Brand Assets & VAS we are marketing include:

  1. Doveeyes with Chinwe Kalu, a motivational radio program currently airing on iGroove radio… Dove Eyes is a voice of encouragement, edification and motivation. It is targeted at women in particular but is generally gender friendly. It emphasizes the relevance of wisdom life principles to everyday young people issues. Dove Eyes is a 1 hour weekly contemporary, inspirational and motivational show hosted by Chinwe Kalu, a Nigerian born motivational public speaker.It is intended to inspire, motivate and entertain young people through beautiful motivating stories and insightful discussions as well as contemporary and inspirational music.

It aired on Ray Power for almost 3 years from April 2008 to December 2010and Choice FM 102.6 Tanzania for almost 2 years from August 2011 to May 2013. It currently airs on Igroove Radio, Nigeria’s no 1 Internet radio station since April 2014 to date. It has hosted several Nigerian celebrities.

It has built a strong equity over the years and we want to avail this to sponsors and partners whose target audience and vision aligns with us. It promises an overwhelmingly high return on investment. For more details, contact us at or call Chinwe Kalu on +234 803200 2458 or 01 291 3894.

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  •  Leadership Program for Primary Six pupils for selected schools. There is leadership development gap in the Nigerian primary School curriculum. Most Nigerian children on leaving Primary School do not have the survival (leadership, self-mastery, self-development) skills required for Secondary School and life. Some attend a few one-day programs but are not able to retain and practice what they learnt because the learning time is too short. They eventually get into secondary school unable to cope.Some never do as well as they could simply because they do not have and never learnt the skills to do so.


There is the need to learn the principles of Personal Leadership and Self-Mastery and take responsibility for their lives and destinies- the earlier the better. This is what differentiates Western education from the Nigerian one.

That is what the ‘My Future in My Hands’ Project is all about- empowering preteens with Leadership/Self Mastery Skills that ensure success in life. The idea is to start building the leaders for the future now.

This is new but will address a key challenge in the Nigerian Primary School Curriculum. It will over time generate huge goodwill and high return on investment for sponsors and partners who comes on this platform. For more details, contact us at or call Chinwe Kalu on +234 803200 2458 or 01 291 3894.

  •  MDG Awards

The MDG Awards have come a long way. Motivated by the overall vision of the Millennium Development Goals, the MDG Awards began 8 years ago to empower women who would normally be destitute to create the lives of their dreams as well as recognise those who are contributing to meeting up with the goals by 2015. We have found the skills we have taught as well as the resources donated to them, to be very impactful despite how little they have been.

It has been a long road, with Nigeria battling with meagre resources to meet the 2015 dead line for these goals. With an almost 170 million population, it is tough. However, there are those who put themselves behind the goals to actualise them in their little ways. It only made sense to celebrate such people. It was also necessary to put whatever resources we could muster behind our faith in the MDGs. This necessitated the donations to women who would never have been able to rise above their circumstances to live better lives.

In this 8th edition, which happens to fall into the year 2015, the deadline year in which we are measuring the levels of success, we recognise the need to do even more. With the current events in the Nigerian economy (devalued Naira and dwindling oil earnings), it has become even more critical to lend an empowering hand to more women to enable them ride the tides of an unstable economy.

Let’s support the Nigeria Millennium Development Goal by giving this women a voice. The return on investment is great, besides the goodwill, product adoption and lifetime value of the association your sponsorship or partnership will enjoy. For more details, contact us at or call Chinwe Kalu on +234 803200 2458 or 01 291 3894.

  • 4. Marketing Consulting for Benchmark Productions, the owners of Bongos Star Search (similar to Project Fame), and the leading musical reality show in Tanzania. This brand asset was in its 5th year during which monotony had set in with negative impact on its equity. We worked with the team to repackage the asset widen its appeal to youth brands in Tanzania and in so doing positioned them well enough to attract premium brands as sponsors.