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Value Creation Consulting

Forward looking businesses know that value creation through efficient and effective trade marketing is the key to success across times and seasons – both good and bad economic times. The challenge for most businesses is that they are not able to quickly and cleverly adapt their marketing strategies to current and foreseeable economic climates, particularly in the trade. This is not surprising as successful business promotion requires marketing experience and knowledge that many businesses do not have in-house. Investing in an experienced consultant can equip your organisation with the solutions that you need to acquire, grow and retain your customers while building a solid and sustainable brand. A good brand sells through advocacy which is the ultimate of good marketing.

The market is fast expanding with a growing need for trade marketing support. The rise of the internet and growth of digital has changed and redefined the playing field; customers have become sophisticated with most of them spending more time on digital platforms. Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) is positioned to take advantage of these changes with its unique approach and targeted digital solutions.

Our core target groups are medium and large scale companies, corporate institutions and multinationals:

  • Who understand and want to leverage the expertise of a trade marketing consultant or agency to remain competitive, productive and profitable.
  • Whose marketing department and brand managers are under a lot of pressure to develop and manage the execute their marketing strategy. It would be difficult for such a busy team to effectively win in the trade without an experienced trade marketing agency providing practical, measurable and cost efficient solutions.
  • Your organization needs a Trade Marketing Agency to take the battle in the trade off you. CPPL has all the resources to ensure effective representation of your brand in the Trade.

The Key Challenge We Want To Address:

The challenge of facilitating direct consumer contact in ways that are both “Strategic” and “Tactical” to generate regular offtake “off – the – shelf” and to drive market share growth optimally and efficiently:

  1. Maintaining close and frequent contact with your channel partners via effective trade marketing, and in building long term strategic partnerships with them. Channel Partners shouldn’t feel suffocated, but they should feel like they are your top priority.
  2. You need to know your Channel Partners and their customers and frequently keep in touch with them and align your brand vision with their retail vision with the final consumer in mind.

We Offer Strategy Driven Solutions:


  1. Brand Engagement Activations – promotions, trade shows, visibility, etc. When you engage your customers, you draw them closer to your brand, your business, your organization. And that’s when the magic starts to happen. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. CPPL will work with you to develop simple and cost efficient customer engagement programs to connect with your customers experientially.
  2. Point of Sale Design / Deployment – POS & Premium items. Point of Sale (POS) materials are used for executing advertising campaigns, exhibitions and presentations in the channels. Well thought out and properly presented POS materials attract consumer attention and promote the brand. Channel Partners crave them. POS materials are capable of stimulating purchases directly at the point of sale.
  3. Customer Experience Management. Customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Its journey that require input from all the parties to the relations – the customer and the brand. The customer tells you want value means to him or her and you make it happen or even exceed the expectations. This interaction must cut across all the touch points – physical or digital and includes customer attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, purchase and use of a service as well as advocacy. Customer experience is a journey from point of no experience to point of good experience delivered consistently. Doyoulikeus Customer Satisfaction Survey Solutions is compatible with android, ios, apple or window’s tablets and smartphones. It also works with any customer feedback terminal.
  4. Customer & Channel Research – Feedback Collation & Insight Development. We offer cost efficient market research solutions by providing real time access to high quality data and reports thus enabling improved and timely decision making which ensures first mover advantage and operational efficiency. Surveys are carried out using an intuitive mobile solution; this simplifies logistics while improving authenticity and integrity of data. Fieldworkers are equipped with a mobile app in order to administer surveys; the mobile app allows for several features.
  5. Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution. Go to marketing strategy can be complex at times. It is not all about the routes or channels-to-market (e.g., direct sales, tele channels, eCommerce, etc.). It’s about proper alignment, a careful attention to some specific details. If you try to sell large, complex system integration projects to small businesses, you aren’t going to be successful regardless of the channel utilized. CPPL will work with you to achieve a good market fit for you. We have the capability and structure to support.
  6. Business Enhancement Training Programs: Business enhancement training programs deepen the level of self-awareness and help build professional competencies and skills that business owner and their core staff require to create and deliver value consistently. The training programs positively impact participants work and enable them tap into a whole new level of professional achievements.

CPPL is positioned to facilitate the improvement of performance, increase in sales and betters returns to stakeholders. We have designed and executed several programs that have impacted on growing and large corporations positively.

Working With Us Will Ensure That You:

  1. Acquire and grow your customer base and achieve repeat sales
  2. Connect with customers at an experiential level and drive up their lifetime value
  3. Focus on other aspects of your business as we take the development of insights and value propositions off you.

We Will Work Closely With You To:

  1. Drive the marketing mind-set across your business
  2. Review and refresh your current promotional efforts
  3. Develop fresh innovative trade marketing strategies
  4. Monitor implementation of your trade marketing strategies and
  5. Collate, evaluate and report on outcomes.

Our Approach To Consulting:

We believe that value can be created in a sustainable manner if we follow a process. Our approach is summarized below:

  1. We will work with you to identify your core needs within the context of the market you operate in, your vision, mission and core values and how you intend to grow your business in a manner that is sustainable.
  2. We will ask deliberate questions to uncover the ‘end value needs’ of your target market and the role your value proposition packages will play in meeting those needs.
  3. Develop a marketing plan that will ensure reach and quality adoption of your valued based solutions for your target audience
  4. Recommend budget and demonstrate how success will be tracked, evaluated and monitored.
Key Issues Implication Action
What is it that you mustaddress to reach our audiencein a way that will enable youmeet your goals andaspirations? What are the outcomes and orconsequences of the issues onimmediate and futurewellbeing of your business? What must you do to turn theidentified issue(s) to businessopportunities?

CPPL will help you build capacity through technical assistance and strategic planning. We will also create connections between corporations, agencies, suppliers, social investors, nonprofit organizations and the people who fuel them.

How Will Success Be Measured?

CPPL will be considered to be successful if we demonstrate that we value integrity. But even more specifically, we want you to judge us on the following:

  1. The Quality of Recommendations:

So much decision making hinges on the recommendations we will make to you. We cannot afford to make mistakes, so our advice would be factual, proven and customized to your needs. We will always develop customized, executable and sustainable plans and recommendations.

  1. Commitment:

We place your interest ahead of ours, understanding that it is about you and not about CPPL. This is why we will meet deadlines, conduct research studies, brainstorm ideas and prepare presentations. We are motivated by the need to deliver on your expectations. We are only happy when you are satisfied with the output from us and actually seeing the solutions work for you.

Some Exciting Campaigns We Worked On:

  1. Our first assignment was a promotional campaign for Ecobank in Tanzania in 2011. We worked with the team to develop and manage (end to end) a six month sales promotion to drive quality awareness, growth in customer acquisition run rate and massive drive for low cost deposits. The campaign, supported by a robust promotional mix-advertising (Radio, TV, Outdoor and Print), PR (pre, during and post), Social Media and Experiential customer engagements (roadshows, draw events etc.), was effectively and efficiently executed, evaluated and properly closed.

The campaign was successfully completed, evaluated and closed at the end of the six months. Interestingly, the promotion was later extended or replicated in Nigeria and other markets within same period, thus attesting to the outcome and impact of the concept as a brand engagement initiative.

2. We represented an international supplier of premium items and advised a couple of organizations on how they can leverage premium items to strategically achieve set goals. We worked with Serengeti Breweries in Tanzania and managed the process leading the production and deployment of Point of Sale items, selling tools and customer engaging gift items to ensure endearing connection with the market

3. Business Enhancement Programs: We run a monthly training program for business owners and professionals in marketing, sales, customer service and project management. It is our flagship program which started July 2014 and we have continued to run it to date. Feedback has been impressive. Kindly click on the link below to read more about the training.

  • We currently provide channel development (route to market) training for the operators and staff of mega dealers of Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Limited. We are a training vendor to FCMB Limited and PZ Coolworld.
  1. Other Assignments We Have Executed:
  • Marketing Consulting for Learn Africa Plc (formerly known as Longman Publishers), and Fatgbems Group. We have also facilitated strategy discussions / retreat for a number of forward looking businesses.
  • We consulted for Benchmark Productions, the owners Bongos Star Search (similar to Project Fame), and the leading musical reality show in Tanzania. This brand asset was in its 5th year by which time monotony had set in with negative impact on its equity. We worked with the team to repackage the asset widen its appeal to youth brands in Tanzania and in so doing positioned them well enough to attract premium brands as sponsors.
  • We have developed and run customized programs for some of our clients including MTN, Bosch Nigeria, Digitalreality, PZ Coolworld, Zaron Cosmetics etc.

  • We worked with Airtel in Tanzania to develop a training curriculum for their field sales staff to promote and drive adoption of Airtel Money. It was a one day intensive program that proved to be very effective as the output of the participants went up dramatically after the training.

The CPPL Core Consulting Team:

  • We are made up of a team of professionals with hands-on experience that cuts across industries. We have well of 30 years combined experience gathered from working and managing great brands from multinationals and locally groomed businesses in Nigeria and internationally.

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