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CPPL Value Creation and Digital Marketing Master Class

Accelerate Your Sales With Proven Digital Marketing Strategies…

Value Creation and Digital Marketing Master Class

Course Overview

The CPPL Value Creation, Digital & Social Media Marketing Training Program is targeted at Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals in Marketing, across sectors and industries. The main objective of the program is to equip participants with skills that give their businesses quality visibility in the market place.

That businesses are set up to create value is not in dispute-the real issue is that not too many people really understand how to create value. Since value creation should be core and central to all business strategy, it is important that stakeholders understand exactly how to go about it. This training will help participants understand and develop a value creation mind-set.  This mind set will enable participants grow their businesses in a manner that is consistent and sustainable.

When value is created, the next critical action is to ensure that customer know there is value and how to access it. This calls for both traditional and nontraditional methods of marketing. This program will enable participants design and execute both traditional and digital Marketing campaigns that will increase brand awareness for their businesses. Participants will get a good understanding of the opportunities presented by the digital space to create quality awareness of their brands resulting in higher sales volumes.
Course Content
The training program will include the following modules:
a)      Module 1: Understanding Marketing – Principles & Concepts
b)      Module 2: Creating Value with the Marketing Mix and understanding the marketing Planning Process.
c)      Module 3: Understanding the Digital Space and the Opportunities It Provides
d)      Module 4: Digital & Social Media Marketing

Key Deliverables:
·         Understand what value is and how it is created thus enabling participants      develop a value creation mind set
·         Understand how businesses create value and deploy resources to ensure efficiency and consistent performance
·         Understand the Marketing Planning Process – strategy and execution of a practical marketing plan
·         Understand how to measure and evaluate marketing efforts.
·         The big deal of Digital Marketing and how you can sell your products and services online. 
·         How to build and position your brand to generate leads for your business on Social Media
·         How to generate customers for your business from Email marketing, content marketing and other forms of social interaction
·         How to effectively run adverts through Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
·         How to get your website listed among top search engine results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Ikechukwu Kalu, BSc, MBA, DipM. FCIM, MNIMN – An experienced Value Creation Consultant, C-Level Marketing, Business Development & Retail Management professional with decent experience from manufacturing, telecoms and financial services. A Lecturer at Pan Atlantic University & Lagos Business School, Lagos, Nigeria.

Chinedum Amachi, B. Eng & MBA. An ICT, Management and Digital Marketing Consultant. He helps businesses improve their Customer Relationship Management processes through automation; leveraging Technology and Modern Business Solutions. He is an SME Advocate and coaches / supports small business owners/Entrepreneurs to leverage technology at low cost to market their businesses through Digital Marketing activities (Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing).

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