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CPPL Business Enhancement Program for Channel Partners

The Channels through which you distribute your products are an essential part of the value chain of your organization irrespective of the industry. They are indispensable in the value creation process because they oil the process of getting products and services across to the final consumer. They are usually independent small to medium sized businesses in partnership with you under agreed terms of reference. These terms ensure that the relationship results in a win-win situation all the time.

It is therefore essential that these very important members of the value chain run viable businesses.  Their viability ensures that your main goal, which is profitability, is not just achieved but protected. They break the bulk, ensure stocking and provide the much needed finances to keep up with production and ensure pipeline stock while the actual selling process is maintained.

The worst that can happen to an organisation is to have a good product that is properly priced but not within reach of the customer. Availability is key.

The onus therefore falls on you to pay attention to the well-being of the channels and the channel partners through which your products are accessed and exchanged for cash by the customer.

By the very nature of Channel Partners, they are entrepreneurial concerns which grapple with the challenges of running their businesses in our environment which is very complex, competitive and volatile. Making sure they have the required skills to excel in business will be an important value-add from you and they will appreciate it very much.  These skills will ensure that they:

  • Understand the environment that they operate in
  • Have the skills to traverse that environment and
  • Actually excel in the environment

It is against this background that Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) developed a Channel Enhancement Training Program specifically for owners and core staff of Channel Partners, with the following objectives:

  • Provide learning experience that would help them to:
  • Understand the value creation process (marketing, selling, customer service and growth strategies),
  • Acquire accounting, stock management and other logistics
  • Acquire soft skills that would build a sustainable business.
  • Foster engagement between Channel Partners and the management of you.

The CPPL Business Enhancement Program is scalable and can be customised to meet the specific needs of our client.


We are confident that if you invest in your Channel Partners through this program you will be contributing positively to their continued optimal performance now and into the future.

Key take out of the program:

  • Achieve long-term profitability and sustainability of your business.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Understand how to serve your customers in a professional manner.
  • Learn how to monitor your business profitability and expenses.
  • Learn how to adequately manage your day-to-day business routines.

This can be offered as a general program in which you as a channel partner signs up to attend or can be customised for a client who wants to address any peculiar business needs they may have identified with their channel partners.

How do we deliver on this? We have a quarterly open training which you can register to attend as owner and core staff of a dealership, Agency or franchise. Also, we provided customised programs to enable big organisation train their channel partners.

Have we done executed any program recently? Yes. We have trained a couple of channel partners:

  • 150 Mega Distributors of Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC)
  • 34 Sim Registration & Acquisition Agencies for MTN Nigerian Communications Limited
  • 18 Franchise Partners of Zaron Cosmetics Limited

Deliverables from CPPL:

  • Carry out a needs analysis for the business
  • Develop an appropriate curriculum
  • Facilitate the training in manner that ensures quality learning
  • Collate market insights from the participants and
  • Issue a detailed and actionable report on the training program:
    • Level of understanding
    • Marketing insights and
    • Participant’s appreciation / rating of the training program.

How do we deliver the training?

  • Presentations and discussions
  • Videos which will include the product displays as well as the adverts
  • Role plays
  • Hands-on group exercises

The Program focuses on sharing best practices, teaching business concepts, principles and assisting the participants in real-life demonstration of the practical application in all the areas. To further deepen the connection between the modules, participants will be required to apply concepts they have learnt in their presentations and group sessions.  Peer learning and sharing of relevant personal experience will be encouraged to bring a high level of participation into the program.

Besides learning new skills, the program is also a platform to motivate personal desire to excel and succeed.

A Bit About Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL)

Customer Passion Point is a Value Creation Consultancy firm registered and operated in Nigeria and Tanzania. We are committed to building capacity for businesses to enable them understand and leverage the passion points of their customers to create value.

We have over 30 years of decent work experience spanning across industries, business functions, countries and culture. We create value by working with our clients to understand the specific needs they have and we provide the right solutions, implement and monitor / measure / document successes. The range of our solutions include; Research and Insight Development, Corporate Strategy & Marketing Plans Development, Training & Development, Customer Value Development and Development / Management of Brand Assets and VAS and Strategic use of premiums.

We partner with our clients to create value by turning consumer insights into unique needs that if met in an exciting way will deliver sustainable value – we create win-win situations for all stakeholders.  We believe in continuous engagement with our clients, during and after the assignment. We believe in relationships and operate within the Law of ‘Co-operative Destiny’. Our destinies are linked together.


Ikechukwu Kalu, MCIM, MNIMN

Mr Ikechukwu Kalu is a Public Speaker, Trainer and Marketing & Communication Professional. He is a visionary leader who inspires innovation and leadership to deliver sustainable value to stakeholders. He has a rich mix of competences and diverse experience in creating and sustaining value in various market segments spanning the Beverage, Telecommunications and Banking industries in West and East African markets.

He began his career with Guinness Nigeria Plc and worked in different capacities spanning Production, Human Resources, Internal Audit as well as Marketing. He joined MTN Nigeria as Trade Marketing Manager and grew very rapidly to hold senior positions including Head of Segments and Ag. General Manager (Consumer Markets), before joining Zain Nigeria (now known as Airtel) as Head of Churn and Retention, and later as Head of Segments. He thereafter joined Zanzibar Telecommunications Limited (a part of Etisalat) in Tanzania as Marketing Director and had a short stint at managing Customer Passion Point Limited in Tanzania before returning to Nigeria to join First City Monument Bank as Vice President/Group Head, Marketing & Communications, a job he held until very recently.

Having worked and learnt best practices over the years in a number of multinational organizations he brings his wealth of experience to bear as he supports SMEs through Value Creation Consulting and Training.  His passion is to bring the much needed equipping, empowerment; direction and encouragement to SMEs to enable them create value and excel in the extremely challenging Nigerian business environment in a sustainable manner.

He also wants to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation for multinationals that may not have capacity in house to implement their marketing plan. To this end, he leads a team that runs the CPPL Monthly Training Program for business people where he imparts them with practical knowledge and skills in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Project Management.

Mr Kalu holds a BSc Business Administration from University of Lagos, an Executive MBA from University of Nigeria Nsukka and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Leicester University, London. He is a Chartered Marketer and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM), London and Member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (MNIMN). He is an alumnus of the revered Harvard Business School as well as Lagos Business School.

We have a working model and we encourage you to engage us accordingly. For enquiries, visit, send a mail to or call Chinwe Kalu on 0803 201 2458 Now.