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Capability Development

Our capability development solutions focus on the development of the individual and teams through a range of strategies or activities that aim to achieve current business goals, meet future challenges and build capacity for growth.

We provide a holistic model for capability development which supports a workforce to respond quickly, effectively and innovatively to a constantly changing environment and to customer needs.

The impact of our solutions is measured by the wide range of flexible, diverse, adaptive and personalized learning and development options, ensuring that teams and individuals meet business vision and goals. The range of our solutions:

Recruitment, selection and placement

One of our capabilities development primary functions is to hire and recruit staff for the different roles in the organization. We will actively recruit, screen, interview and hire qualified candidates for open positions through skills assessment and personality tests to match candidates with the appropriate job within the organization.


Capability analysis, onboarding, coaching and mentorship

At CPPL, we believe there is a strong correlation between achieving outstanding business results in a manner that is consistent and sustainable and having people with appropriate skills and competencies on the job. High performance businesses place a premium on ensuring that beyond employing people with adequate skills, there are structures in place to ensure ongoing competencies and skills assessments to guarantee people are growing on their jobs. These structures would ensure that competencies are collaboratively identified and employee-centered verifications carried out on a regular basis and leveraged to create a culture of success.

Our services here include:

  • Reviewing existing job descriptions to ascertain appropriateness
  • Carrying out a thorough review or assessment of the current competency levels of the different cadre of staff that work in the organization.
  • Evolving a well thought through needs assessment for the different cadre and roles with recommendations of possible immediate and future interventions to close the gap
  • Business Enhancement Training Programs to help them development a value creation mindset as well learn and or hone their skills on their different professions.

Constant training and retraining is essential to increase employee capacity for the achievement of organizational objectives. Our training programs are designed with current learning and development trends and best practices. We offer traditional and online programs as well is on and offsite. The idea is to customize our programs to meet specific client needs. This is why we work closely with clients to determine the training needs of employees. Then we develop and facilitate training programs for cadre of staff. We have a brilliant faculty of experienced and well trained professionals.