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The Nigerian International Secondary Schools Fair

The Nigerian International Secondary Schools Fair

The Nigerian International Secondary Schools’ Fair, a platform for Nigerian parents in diaspora to acquire information on Nigerian International Secondary Schools for possible consideration for their children.  

One of the major concerns of Nigerian parents in diaspora is the desire to inculcate Nigerian values into their children along with the Western values. Such values as respect for elders, strong family loyalty, concern for others, social decorum, hospitality and patriotism expressed through language, dance and art are important to them.

Another source of concern for Nigerian parents in diaspora, especially in the UK, is the security of their teenagers in secondary school. Statistics show that the lives of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 is becoming very insecure in the UK. According to, 14th, April 2018, “Within the first four months of 2018, seven Nigerian youths have been murdered in the United Kingdom”.

In addition to these concerns are the current suicide rates amongst children and teenagers in the UK. According to the UK segment of The Week of 8th June 2018, “The rate of suicide among children and teenagers in London has more than doubled in just a few years, newly published figures have revealed”.

This spate of young Nigerians losing their lives to violence or suicide are ascribed to the pressures of modern day living. These issues have become a growing source of concern for Nigerian parents in diaspora as a whole and the UK in particular.

Bearing these concerns in mind, Customer Passion Point Limited in partnership with Team Nigeria UK & International Limited and Jewelsnecco Education Consultants Limited are putting together the second edition of THE NIGERIAN INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL FAIR LONDON-NOVEMBER 2019.  This fair provides Nigerian parents in London information on alternatives for secondary school, back home in Nigeria, for their children that fall into this age bracket.

This second edition also takes place in London. The timing is perfect because it comes up just before the common entrance season which is between, January and April 2020.


  • To showcase Nigerian international secondary schools who can provide good international standard education to raise global citizens
  • To showcase these schools as viable options for their children
  • To give Nigerian parents a forum to ask pertinent questions about issues that concern them around this alternative


We are expecting a minimum of 10 schools who meet the following criteria:

  • Offer the British curriculum
  • Have a good boarding facility
  • Have a strong Parent Teachers Association
  • Have a few references of students who lived in the UK and attended their schools
  • Track record of good performance in IGCSE exams, even better than many British schools


Club Quarters

8 Northumberland Avenue

London WC2N 5BY.

Right next door to the Nigerian Embassy in London

DATE: 15th November 2019

TIME: 12noon-7pm