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My Future In My Hands

The leadership problem in Africa is a subject of very passionate discuss. Obviously there is something wrong with the way leadership emerges. Leadership is not actively taught until people enter the corporate world. The result is that leaders emerge without the required skills and mindset to achieve expected results.

We strongly believe that the leadership discussion should start much earlier. When people are young enough to learn and imbibe these skills. We agree with Alan Nelson, founder of an organization called Kid lead when he says, “If you want to change the world, focus on leaders. If you want to change leaders, focus on them when they’re young.” There is the need to learn the principles of Leadership and Self-Mastery so they can take responsibility for their lives and destinies-the earlier the better. This is what differentiates Western education from the African one.

Bearing this in mind, we came up with a solution called “My Future in My Hands” Program. It is all about- empowering preteens with Leadership/Self Mastery Skills that ensure they become truly responsible members of the communities they eventually belong to. The idea is to start building the leaders for the future now.  

The objectives of this project is to

  • To contribute to the process of creating Nigeria’s future leaders
  • To equip preteens with leadership, self- development and mastery skills
  • To ignite the desire for leadership in these young ones
  • To correct the wrong impressions of what leadership is in the minds of these young people.
  • To build a true crop of young leaders that could become leaders in the future

“My Future in My Hands” is a six week program that engages with preteens to help them understand leadership as being different from what obtains on the continent of Africa presently. The Program is impactful because the skills are taught over a period of time, rather than one-off sessions. It gives enough time for the children to actually begin to understand what leadership really is. For these skills to be properly imbibed, they must be taught and emphasized over a period of time. It is actually a fun packed yet educating and empowering program. It engages the preteens with exciting power point presentations, individual and group projects and videos. Each child gets a folder. We end each session with an essay competition with prize giving on their graduation from primary school. 

So far we have had four editions of the Program in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. We partnered with Chrisland Schools which has four schools in Lagos and one in Abuja. We had 550 year six students in the four years passing through program-(120 in 2015, 150 in 2016, 130 in 2017 and 150 in 2018. 

OUR PLAN FOR THE FUTURE is to reach more children in the inner city schools, (not public schools) – children who cannot really afford to pay for these sessions. To achieve this we need corporate sponsorship and support. We of the opinion that the leadership issue in Nigeria requires intentional action which the corporate world will need to spearhead. There are a number of leadership projects being sponsored by corporate organizations. However, very few are targeted at preteens. Our young ones already have faulty mindsets that need to be corrected. Allowing these faulty mindsets means a future with even worse leadership than we have now.

In the last four years we have had First City Monument Bank sponsor the program with them sponsoring advert pages in the graduation programs of the schools. In 2016 and 2017, FCMB also donated prizes for the winners of the essay competition. Each winner got a token account opening package for their efforts.

We are open to more sponsors to help to reach these children. For these children in inner city children, they will never get the opportunity to learn leadership, except through sponsored programs like this. It would be regrettable for these young ones in these schools, who are the future of Nigeria, not to be adequately equipped to build a better Nigeria.

We feel that corporate entities who identify with this program will gain huge brand equity as they interact with these young ones.

PROJECT FOUNDER-Chinwe Kalu (Mrs) BSc Chemistry, MBA

Chinwe is very passionate about Godly parenting and raising responsible children. She has been involved in a number of initiatives that have to do with raising young leaders.

  • She has run the “My Future in Your Hands” Project for over 4 years
  • She is currently on the Olashore International School Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) Executive. She was also on the PTA Executive of one of the Chrisland Schools for a number of years. She was also on the PTA Finance Committee of Dar Es Salaam International School in Tanzania. She is currently of the Board of Trustees for Junior Church of This Present House, an expression of the House of Freedom
  • She currently writes for Motherhood-In-Style Magazine, a publication devoted to parenting in the 21st century. She is also a contributor to Pregnancy & You as well as Gem Woman Magazine where she writes on Pregnancy and Parenting issues.
  • She manages a Facebook Page ‘My Baby & ‘I that focusses on parenting young children

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