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CPPL Research Proposition

Market research assists businesses to stay ahead of competition by identifying key underlying factors driving the industry. These are the critical questions to answer:

  • Who is buying our products?
  • What influences customers’ purchasing choices?
  • What are our competitors doing?
  • Are our products being consistently retailed at their RRP’s?
  • Do we know when stock outs occur?

Traditional research has three major pain points:

  • Poor data quality,
  • Long lead times, and
  • High costs

Our solution – Tasknites will help solve these issues. The Tasknites initiative utilises mobile surveys to generate real time reports from high quality data for a low cost.

We promise:

  • Robust analysis
  • Real-time and
  • Cost efficiency.

Tasknites offer an end-to-end product from survey design to report compilation:

  • Survey design
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and
  • Report compilation

How do we compare with traditional methods of research?

Criteria Traditional Surveys Tasknites
Data Quality ·         Data errors are difficult to detect

·         Data integrity isn’t guaranteed as transcription errors can occur

·         Data can be lost due to the extensive paperwork involved

·         Data integrity is improved by detecting input errors

·         Data richness and authenticity is improved through timestamps, images and location tracking

·         Data is immediately encrypted, stored digitally, and backed up

Efficiency ·         The data collection process is slow which may result in the analysis becoming obsolete

·         Reports are data heavy and light on actionable insights

·         Analysis can occur and reports can be created in real time which enables immediate action facilitation and issue resolution

·         Fast turnaround times provides the opportunity to capitalise on the first mover advantage

Cost ·         Labour intensive due to extensive paper work and subsequent data capturing

·         High logistic costs are incurred to distribute and collect surveys

·         All data is collected and aggregated electronically reducing the labour requirement

·         The mobile platform enables surveys to be deployed remotely removing the need for logistics

What we guarantee

Tasknites guarantees to provide customers with fast and accurate market research data to help inform critical strategic decisions.

We offer cost efficient market research solutions by providing real time access to high quality data and reports thus enabling improved and timely decision making which ensures first mover advantage and operational efficiency.

How Do We Execute?

Surveys are carried out using an intuitive mobile solution; this simplifies logistics while improving authenticity and integrity of data.

Mobile Solution

Fieldworkers are equipped with a mobile app in order to administer surveys; the mobile app allows for several features.

cm Fieldworkers are able to collect advanced data, such as photos, in addition to standard survey data1
Survey submissions can be geo-tagged increasing the richness of collected data
Fieldworkers can be monitored and communicated with through the app
Basic analysis, such as visualization and chart creation, can be done in real time on incoming data
The app can function even in limited data connectivity environments

Why Cumii International?
Our use of technology sets us apart and speaks for itself.

  • We’ve combined security, energy management and health products into one intelligent system.
  • Everything can be controlled onsite or remotely.
  • See what’s happening in your home or business by accessing the camera option.
  • Look out for your family members with intelligent movement and sleep pattern monitoring.
  • The system can run for up to 12 hours without external power.

Cumii International, a trusted affiliation with partners, bringing technological change to the lives of clients and their customers


CPPL partnering with Cumii international to enhance the quality and timeliness of business decision making through effective and cost efficient mobile research solutions – Tasknites

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