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About Us

We are a firm of Value Creation Consultants providing Marketing and Training solutions. We are registered in Nigeria and Tanzania but currently operational in Nigeria only. 

We are youthful, vibrant, trendy and innovative in our approach to solving problems. We believe value is the putting together of the appropriate combination of quality, service, and price (QSP). At the end of the day, our clients and customers must feel they have received value.

We are spearheading performance led value creation consulting in the markets we operate in. We deliver consistently through our people, in-depth understanding of insights from the market and targeted traditional and digital solutions. We know for being able to balance strategy, creativity and excellent execution.




CPPL consist of two arms:

  1. CPPL Marketing – Marketing Solutions
  2. CPPL Training Programs – Training and Development Solutions

CPPL Marketing:

This is the marketing arm of Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL). We provide the following:

(a) Marketing Consulting: This is targeted at SMEs who do not have the resources and capacity to have an in-house marketing team. We work with them to develop theirs strategies / plans and manage the execution process (including monitoring and evaluation) to create value for the customers consistently.

(b) Marketing Solutions: Targeted at large corporations who may have a need for customized marketing solutions to flesh out their Marketing objectives to build strong brands and remain relevant to their target audiences. These include:

  1. Brand Activation
  2. Route-To-Market strategy and execution
  3. Point-of-Sale design, sourcing and deployment
  4. Design and Marketing of Brand Assets
  5. Customer Experience Management solutions
  6. Premium Gift Items
  7. Billboard Rentals-Digital & Traditional
  8. Market Research-Consumer & Channels
  9. Communication campaign development and execution

CPPL Training Programs

This is the training arm of Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL). Our T & D solutions are targeted at both individuals and Corporates. They are designed to equip professionals with skills required to function effectively in their given roles within their organizations. Being adequately equipped guarantees the businesses they work for are able to deliver on their promises and meet their overall objectives. We offer the following:

  • Open Training Programs
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Online Programs.
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement Services.
  • Competence and Capability Analysis Services:
  • Coaching and Mentor-ship Services:
  • Design and facilitation of business retreats and strategic planning sessions.

Our Vision: 

We are a leading customer-centric value creation consultancy, using the best means to provide quality and disruptive solutions in the most cost-efficient way and enabling our clients grow shareholders value consistently.


Our Mission

We promote and connect brands, trade partners and the final consumers across Africa in a way that ensures exceptional value is created for all stakeholders consistently.


Our Values:

We provide practical, cost effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and stay with them through implementation. We are guided by our core values in everything we do:

    • Integrity
    • Professionalism
    • Leadership
    • Innovation and
    • Excellence.