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Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) is a customer-centric value creation consultancy firm offering trade marketing and training solutions in Tanzania and Nigeria. We are youthful, vibrant, trendy and innovative in our Read More 

We partner with some of the best in the industry to support our clients to create and deliver value consistently. Some are: Cumii International, a pan-African IoT company that focuses on disruptive technology that transforms Africa.   Read More>> 

Our Vision is to be recognized as the leading customer-centric value creation consultancy in Africa by 2025. Being the best means providing quality and disruptive solutions in the most cost efficient way. It also means enabling our clients grow   Read More>>


CPPL Trade Marketing

Forward looking businesses know that value creation through efficient and effective trade marketing is the key to success across times and seasons – both good and bad economic times. The challenge for most businesses is that they are not able to quickly and cleverly adapt their marketing strategies to current and foreseeable economic climates, particularly in the trade.Read More>> 

CPPL Training Programs

Training is an integral part of business growth and sustainability. It is a proven fact that effectively training your employees will improve your chances of success and business growth. As we all know, our employees are our greatest asset. We will work with you Read More>> 

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